1. Is Among Us APK and PC Version safe?

Definitely Yes, These files are completely safe, 100% Virus-free and 100% workable. We guarantee it.

2. How can I play Among Us?

You can download Among Us APK and PC version on here and google play store, apple store or Microsoft app store.

3. Can’t I install the app?

If the installation is blocked by Play Store, Protect you will need to turn on “allow installation from this source” to proceed with the installation.

4. What age is appropriate for among us?

Recommendation year is 10+.

5. Can I play Among Us without friends?

Suppose you don’t need to add friends in Among Us in order to play with them not only that you can play this game with an online group.

6. Do I need a rooted device?

No, Among Us APK runs perfectly fine on non-rooted devices.